Sunday, 26 June 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 5: Through the Looking Glass Review (Brian Michael Bendis, Valerio Schiti)

Yikes, this is some convoluted horseshit even by Marvel’s standards!

The book opens with a boring standalone story about the mystery of how and why a SHIELD helicarrier, with what appears to be the classic SHIELD lineup headed by Nick Fury, appears out of nowhere in deep space. 

After you’re done shrugging with the conclusion of that nonsense you’re hit with Chapters 2 and 7 of The Black Vortex event - who thought tossing in those two random issues was a good idea?! I haven’t read the main event but it looks like a cosmic rehash of the Phoenix Force nonsense from AvX a few years ago. Gamora gets powered up and then so do a bunch of other characters. The Cyclops series, Nova, and All-New X-Men get suckered into this event with the Guardians of the Galaxy - four titles ruined for the price of one! 

Then it’s all over without any real lasting changes, just like every Marvel event, and Star-Lord’s elected president of Spartax!? And let’s top off this garbage with an arbitrary attack by the Chitauri for no reason! 

Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 5: Through the Looking Glass is absolute garbage from start to finish - this series is dead in the water.

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