Thursday, 23 June 2016

I Hate Fairyland #6 Review (Skottie Young, Jean-Fracois Beaulieu)

SPOILSIES to anyone who’s not read the first arc of I Hate Fairyland as this issue begins where that one ends. 

All the boppy tops who get upset over “spoilers” that are actually the premise gone? Good! 

Gertie has been trying to escape Fairyland for 27 years except, despite her raging, rampant moidering she’s actually, somehow, become ruler of the muffin-huggin’ place instead! But Gert’s about to learn being Queen ain’t all it’s cracked up to be and not nearly as fluffing easy as she thinks! 

In his afterword, Skottie Young admits to writing himself into a corner with the first book’s ending. Gert as Queen of Fairyland is a go-nowhere storyline and, reading this issue, he’s right. It’s a static position that doesn’t allow for the roaming, rampaging Gertie that made Fairyland such a fun comic in the first place, not to mention uncharacteristic of her – why would she care about helping Fairyland operate? Poor bloke sounds like he’s at the end of his tether – he’s got a newborn too, he probably hasn’t slept in weeks! 

So this issue is basically a false start to the second arc as Young tries different things to make the Queen Gertie storyline work before abandoning it entirely by the end. It’s not a terrible read just an unfocused one. Young pokes fun at fantasy staples Harry Potter and Game of Thrones (“Winter Is Coming… Harriet Winter. From HR. To fire you.”) and it’s amusing seeing Gertie inadvertently becoming the evil queen through sheer incompetence at the job. And the best part is still an entire issue of Young’s wonderful artwork and Jean-Francois Beaulieu’s beautiful colours. 

I Hate Fairyland #6 is an awkward beginning to the second arc but it looks like the series is back on track now with Gertie and Larry off on more ultra-violent adventures! And I loved the Gertie cosplay photos at the end of this issue – that middle-aged fella dressed as a demented little girl posing with Skottie Young was fluffin’ awesome!

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