Friday, 10 June 2016

MPD-Psycho, Volume 1 Review (Eiji Otsuka, Sho-u Tajima)

MPD-Psycho is a terrible manga that unoriginally takes the Hannibal Lector approach of having a serial killer help the police catch other serial killers and butchers it.

Writer Eiji Otsuka does a poor job of setting up the Multiple Personality Detective (MPD) and his background, shunting the reader from one confusing scene to another before telling us that the police want to release him to help them solve some new murders. 

I also didn’t pick up on his name or the names of his multiple personalities so it didn’t mean anything when he turned around and said things like “I’m not this unmemorable Japanese name, I’m this unmemorable Japanese name now!” - whatever you say buddy, let’s just get this over with! 

The supporting characters are just as poorly written and there’s no real plot to speak of (some drivel about barcodes on eyes?), just one gratuitously grisly case after another. 

The murders themselves are all young women who were tortured/mutilated/raped before being killed. All of the victims are found naked with big boobs exposed to the reader which just gives the book this sleazy exploitative feel to it. I get that serial killer stories are gonna feature graphic violence but that all of the corpses look like some BDSM fantasy shit is just gross. 

Even without the torture porn, MPD-Psycho is a bland and boring police procedural with nothing characters, generic art and a go-nowhere plot. Unpleasant garbage - don’t bother.

MPD-Psycho, Volume 1

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