Thursday, 30 June 2016

Batman Beyond, Volume 1: Brave New Worlds Review (Dan Jurgens, Bernard Chang)

Spinning out of DC’s Future’s End crapfest, Terry McGinnis is “dead” and Tim Drake is the new Batman Beyond - yuck, as if you needed more reasons to not read Future’s End or this book! 

So it’s the same Future’s End setup with Brother Eye trying to take over the world and the Justice League are all puppet cyborgs. Tim’s gotta learn how to use the Batman Beyond suit, find some annoying brat’s sibling, and destroy Brother Eye. 

It sounds somewhat interesting on paper but Dan Jurgens’ low quality writing turns it into tedious pap. I’m not sure why DC decided killing off Terry was a good idea considering almost everyone picking up Batman Beyond are Terry fans and expecting to see him. That said DC are unlikely to stick to this choice (just because they rarely do for anything) and, to be fair, Tim and Terry look and sound alike in character - be honest, if you weren’t told that this was Tim and not Terry you wouldn’t know either (which again says a lot about Jurgens’ writing)! 

No part of the story was interesting to me. It’s just generic bombastic superhero stuff with a futuristic bent to it. Tim masters the suit almost instantly, he finds the non-character for the other non-character, and defeats Brother Eye because predictable ending. Barbara Gordon cameo-ing was ok as an easter egg even if she didn’t add anything to the story, ditto the Mecha-Batman suit from Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo’s Batman run. 

Bernard Chang’s art is very decent even if the art gets scratchier and more rushed-looking the further into the book you go. I’m also looking at the cover now and the characters behind Batman Beyond? I’m not sure if any of them appear in this book - what a bizarre cover! There’s a knight riding a dalmatian…WTF, DC?! 

Like all of his comics, Dan Jurgens’ Batman Beyond is terrible - maybe Future’s End fans will get something out of this but are there any Future’s End fans? The search for a good Batman Beyond comic continues…

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