Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die For Me Review (Rick Remender, Wes Craig)

It’s the end of the first year at King’s Dominion and time for the Freshman Finals. The test? Kill all the rats! 

For a book whose story is predicated on a Royal Rumble-esque non-stop battle between teenagers, the fourth volume of Deadly Class is mega-boring! Marcus and co. have to survive as their classmates turn on one another, stabbing, shooting, and poisoning their way throughout the night, racing towards the dawn and victory. 

And yet - meh. It’s not interesting to read. Some characters you might remember die, others you won’t also die, and it feels weirdly static and dull for the most part. Things pick up in the final issue though with a very unexpected final page - whether Rick Remender and Wes Craig will stick to it or whether it’s a lame bait and switch is the question. But honestly this volume was so disappointing I’m not gonna be picking up the next one to find out. 

Wes Craig’s art is good as ever but this is the first Deadly Class volume without colourist Lee Loughridge, with Jordan Boyd stepping in. Boy, does a good colourist make a difference! The art of the first three books stood out because of Loughridge’s expert eye - with Boyd, the art is rendered flat and unexciting, much like Remender’s script. The contrast between the colourists is so stark. 

Deadly Class was a good series while it lasted but this fourth volume, Die For Me, continues the title’s descending quality. A boring, unrewarding slog.

Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die For Me

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