Monday, 20 June 2016

Josephine, Volume 2: Not That Bad by Penelope Bagieu Review

Le sigh, the perils of love! After her breakup with Olivier, Josephine decides on self-improvement, getting new embarrassingly gauche workout clothes, thinking about liposuction for her bum, and lusting after beautiful designer dresses. She’s still looking for the perfect guy though and stumbles across Julien, who seems to be all that – but is he?

I know, it sounds appallingly girly and vapid! If I mentioned all of Josephine’s travails in this book it’d sound like the worst, most gossipy soap opera (AND THEN her ex meets her rival and they hook up AND THEN… etc.) – so it seems I occasionally turn into a blue-haired crone stuffing chocolates into my face when I’m reading my stories! 

I really liked Josephine, Volume 2: Not That Bad though. The sketches are silly – Josephine takes a life drawing class expecting to draw hot guys and ends up with a fat, hairy dude instead (who hasn’t been there amirite ladies?); she snots on a pretty dress that’s too expensive for her (if she can’t have it, no-one can!) – and the direction the story’s headed is predictable – hmm, you think Simon at the end’s gonna turn out to be Josephine’s true love…? – but Penelope Bagieu’s comics are too charming to dislike. 

So it’s all change for Josephine as she gets a new man and a new place… except nothing really changes for her and she’s still delightfully hopeless and lost! If you enjoyed the first Josephine book, you’ll enjoy this one too – it’s more of the same. If you’ve never heard of this series, or Penelope Bagieu, I highly recommend checking both out.

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