Saturday, 18 June 2016

Green Arrow, Volume 8: Crawling Through the Wreckage Review (Judd Winick, Scott McDaniel)

A year after a devastating attack on Star City, a massive wall has been erected cordoning off the seemingly unsalvageable part of the city from the rest that’s trying to rebuild. Uh… ok! Ollie Queen is now Mayor but is being targeted by the world’s deadliest assassin, Deathstroke - but not if Green Arrow can stop him first! 

So Judd Winick basically lifted the Batman: Cataclysm/No Man’s Land storyline for Green Arrow. Same things happen in No Man’s Land where lawlessness takes over, the gangs rule, and lone vigilantes spring up to save ordinary citizens. Only difference is there’s no Bat-family just Green Arrow and some forgettable bozo called Brick. 

But the copying doesn’t stop there as Winick essentially takes the same tack as Brian K Vaughan did in Ex Machina by mixing superheroes and politics - except it’s not as entertaining or clever. Is there anything original here? Nope! Deathstroke is delightfully evil as always though. 

Scott McDaniel’s art looks so rushed and blocky - I hated it! I think he’s going for a Brave and the Bold look but it’s way more rough and yucky. Just awful, get it away from me! 

Green Arrow: Crawling Through Other People’s Better Storylines is an uninspired and largely uninteresting read. Judd Winick borrows heavily from more popular comics in an attempt to make Green Arrow seem more compelling but all it does is make it look derivative, reminding the audience they’re reading a weak pretender.

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