Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Wolf Moon Review (Cullen Bunn, Jeremy Haun)

I’m not saying I’m an expert on werewolf stories but the most basic template I’d come up with from everything werewolf-related that I’ve seen - from comics, books, TV, and movies - is someone or a group of people hunting the werewolf who’s terrorising a town. That’s Wolf Moon, the very definition of a generic werewolf story. The human turns into a wolf during a full moon, they can only be taken down by silver bullets, all the old staples are here. 

I’m really stunned that Cullen Bunn - a writer who has come up with great comics in the past like The Sixth Gun, which is very original - would not only write something so bafflingly bland but that a mainstream publisher like Vertigo would publish it! There’s really nothing else to say about this comic, it’s everything you’d expect from a werewolf story without any twists or new takes on the concept. 

The art team of Jeremy Haun and Lee Loughridge do some fine work bringing Bunn’s yawn-worthy tale to life, and it’s a very violent story so there’s a lot of graphic imagery throughout. The art team are the only ones trying even if Haun is just replicating werewolf designs that’ve gone before. 

Want to read an unoriginal, unimaginative, creatively-lacking, and instantly forgettable werewolf comic? Check out Wolf Moon!

Wolf Moon

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