Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The October Faction, Volume 2 Review (Steve Niles, Damien Worm)

The Allan kids, Geoff and Vivian, are learning the family trade: monster hunting. Elsewhere, one of Frederick Allan’s enemies has returned for revenge and the kids discover a dark secret about their pa… 

What the hell happened to this series?! The first volume was so good - the second one’s garbage! And why’s it taken nearly a year to come out? Oy…

Almost nothing of consequence happens here. I thought the series was about this family of monster hunters but we have to go through this charade of whether or not the kids are going to be hunters themselves only for the parents to grudgingly agree. It’s been a year since I read it but I thought that’s where the first book ended? So pointless and time-wasting to just settle on the premise. 

There’s a big secret revealed about Geoff and Vivian’s parents that rocks their world until it doesn’t and they forget about it by the end. And the enemy from the past who returns to fight Frederick felt forced and uninteresting. 

The October Faction is an extremely dark comic visually with Damien Worm using a ton of black ink throughout but I kinda liked the stylized look. It gets a bit much at times but it’s unusual and different to anything else out there at the moment. 

The first book was really entertaining and showed the series had a lot of potential but the second volume doesn’t realise it, boring the reader with trifling nothings instead. The October Faction, Volume 2 is a disappointing follow-up to one of last year’s most compelling new debuts.

The October Faction, Volume 2

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