Sunday, 17 April 2016

Warzones: E is for Extinction Review (Chris Burnham, Ramos Villalobos)

Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated artist Chris Burnham and Dennis Culver write an instantly forgettable miniseries using the same characters from Morrison and Frank Quitely’s 2001 New X-Men series and appropriating their first arc’s title. What happens in a world where the X-Men are accepted? The same thing that always happens in X-Men stories: those dumb fucks split up into factions and fight each other! 

In the opening scene Xavier commits suicide after his evil twin Cassandra Nova takes over his mind and the rest of the story is dull, dull, dull. Classic X-Men (Cyclops and Emma Frost looking oolllllld - not that that stops Emma from wearing tight knickers and corsets to show off that lumpy loose flesh!) battle New X-Men, the Phoenix is worked in because it’s the X-Men, and not a damn thing is in the least bit interesting. 

I’m surprised Burnham didn’t draw anything for this one as his style has been compared most to Quitely’s but Ramon Villalobos’ art is also reminiscent of the Scottish legend’s. Only faintly though and, compared to Quitely’s which can you do as the first issue of his and Morrison’s New X-Men is included at the back, you’ll see how much better Quitely’s is. I suppose the art wasn’t bad I just wasn’t feeling it when Burnham/Culver’s script was so shitty. 

Another sucky Secret Wars/X-Men book - E is for Extremely Boring!

Warzones: E is for Extinction

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