Monday, 18 April 2016

Warzones: X-Tinction Agenda Review (Marc Guggenheim, Carmine DiGiandomenico)

Bloody hell, X-Tinky Agenda was utter pigslop! Marc Guggenheim’s script is right down there with the Age of Apocalypse Secret Wars tie-in but Carmine di Giandomenico’s art is slightly better. Story? We don’t need no stinkin’ story, not with the X-Men! One group of X-Men are fighting another group of X-Men, yadda yadda poop. I’m so sick of the X-Morons. 

I suppose the book’s complete lack of quality is a fine homage to the 1990 original (which you can sample as the first issue is also included here) as that one read like it was plotted by a 6 year old after scarfing down ten Mars bars. 

You also have to really know these nothing characters (who could forget inspired classics like Rictor and Bulletproof??) beforehand because the most you’ll get here are nametags introducing them and that’s the extent of the “character work”! I actually felt ill reading this garbage, that’s how bad it is. 

If you’ve got a copy, feed it to a pig instead of reading it. But only to a pig you don’t like, not your favourite pig - even pigs get indigestion from swill this toxic.

Warzones: X-Tinction Agenda

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