Sunday, 10 April 2016

Superman: War of the Supermen Review (James Robinson, Sterling Gates)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a turd called War of the Supermen, the finale to the awful New Krypton storyline! General Zod decides to invade Earth ‘cos he’s a prick and General Sam Lane (Lois’ pop) tries to commit genocide, also ‘cos he’s a prick. Superman flies around punching people because that’s always fascinating, some second-tier characters “die” because death means so much in superhero comics, and James Robinson does what he does best: blandly resetting things back to normal without any consequences for anything that happened before. 

What a load of crap! There was build-up to a big battle and it culminates in something crummy called “the 100 minute war”, an appropriately rushed-sounding affair because it’s exactly that. I suppose it’s cool seeing that many Kryptonians flying towards Earth but it’s a lot of visual spectacle for nothing as it’s dealt with very anticlimactically. Robinson careens from one big set piece to the next without a single one feeling significant despite their scale. The sun’s been turned red somehow – look at the Kryptonians die! Oh wait, it’s gone back to yellow again – thanks Deus Ex Machina! 

I’m a Superman fan but there wasn’t anything in this one I liked at all. The one positive about this book is that it marks the end of the New Krypton arc. Wow, Airboy really is the only James Robinson book worth reading, eh?

Superman: War of the Supermen

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