Monday, 25 April 2016

Deadpool: Operation Annihilation Review (Daniel Way, Bong Dazo)

Apparently we always want what we can’t have - for Deadpool, that means dying. But what if he gets Hulk really, really, really mad - could Wade be smashed into oblivion once and for all? So begins his experiment in Operation: Annihilation! 

Certain characters have storylines that different writers keep returning to. For Superman it’s his origin story - for Deadpool it’s wanting to die, which is so morbid and ridiculous it’s amusing. No points for originality, Daniel Way, but I still like Deadpool’s nihilism; he really is a unique character. 

The story starts off well with Deadpool stealing a buncha nukes and setting them off in Hulk’s face but then it kinda plateaus for most of the book. Hulk knocks Deadpool around. Then he knocks Deadpool around some more. And then some more. And so on. Yawn. Yeah, it’s quite shallow. 

It improves a bit towards the end when Hulk throws Deadpool within range of a school and Wade decides to save the kiddies from a now completely out of control Hulk. The ending though - like all the endings to Deadpool wanting to die - is anticlimactic. Wade’s never gonna die. He’ll get hurt right good but he’ll never get his wish - we all love the Merc with the Mouth too damn much! 

I quite liked Sheldon Vella’s art in the first issue which reminded me a lot of Rob “Chew” Guillory’s work, and then Bong Dazo (the most appropriately named artist to ever work on a Deadpool comic) draws the rest of book in full-on big action panels and splash pages in Ed McGuinness’ bombastic fashion. 

Operation Annihilation isn’t the brainiest of reads even by Deadpool’s standards but it’s also not terrible. It does have a very one-note premise that would’ve worn even thinner if it were longer but as it is, it’s just enough to be an ok Deadpool comic. 

Deadpool: Operation Annihilation

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