Thursday, 7 April 2016

Barack Hussein Obama by Steven Weissman Review

Steven Weissman’s Barack Hussein Obama is a short collection of one page/four panel gag strips where “Obama”, “Joe Biden” “Hillary Clinton” and other political figures do mundane, stupid things for no reason - comedy, I guess?

One gag is Obama telling the reader how to make s’more ice cream sandwiches, another is him trying not to laugh at a foreign leader because he doesn’t understand what he’s saying. Wha… Then Joe Biden’s tucking him in at night. Hillary has an affair with Colonel Gaddafi. Later on things get really weird when Obama turns into a bird! 

I have no idea what the point of this book was. If it was satire, I have no clue what Weissman was trying to say. If this was comedy, it failed because it wasn’t funny - except for one page where Obama’s outside a motel and says to Biden “That’s quite a tip, Joe! Are you planning to trash the room or something?” and he says “Just in case I decide to blow my brains out tonight.”; that made me chuckle. 

It’s also drawn in this weird ghetto style, like Weissman grabbed a bunch of cardboard pieces with bits of cellotape attached and some ballpoint pens and hurriedly scribbled out his strips on the back of them. Everything looks dreadful! 

Obviously humour is subjective so maybe some readers are gonna be laughing their socks off at this comic but I couldn’t believe this garbage got published at all. Barack Hussein Obama is full of unfunny boring comic strips - steer clear of this crap!

Barack Hussein Obama

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