Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Star Wars: C-3PO #1 Review (James Robinson, Tony Harris)

Remember when you saw The Force Awakens and C-3PO showed up with a red arm and you thought “Huh, he’s got a red arm. That’s weird.” and then instantly stopped caring? Well, thank the Ewoks we finally get to see the story behind that juicy tidbit in C-3PO’s very own one-shot comic special! Prepare for… zzz…

The Starman creative team, James Robinson and Tony Harris, reunite after decades - they used to do comics about Golden Age characters, now they’re doing a comic about a literally Golden character. Sorry to see you guys aren’t doing so well these days. 

Threepio and some random droids land on a monster planet and have to survive because one of the droids has information on where Admiral It’s a Trap! is being held - gotta get that guy back, he was so effective! And, y’know, stuff happens. Monsters attack, droids fall, and look, a cheap bit of sentiment to round it all off. So that’s what that red arm… so meaningful… zzz… 

This is exactly the kind of comic I expected from putting C-3PO front and centre: boring. All the, ahem, “exciting” stuff happening around him only served to highlight how uninteresting he is and how Star Wars’ success and popularity has nothing to do with him. Maybe you found him amusing in the movies but there's none of that light humour here. 

Robinson attempts some “droid lives matter” nonsense that falls flat on its tin can butt while the other droid characters are duller than rusted metal. I forget their names but it doesn’t matter - they may as well be called WhoCaresBot82, PersonalityVacuum47 and WhateverTheHell3000! Tony Harris' art is nice in places though it's nothing exceptional. 

Perhaps if you’re a huge Threepio fan (meaning you’re probably that loathsome narcissist Anthony Daniels) you’ll enjoy this but for everyone else I’d say this one belongs in the scrapyard - don’t bother.

Star Wars: C-3PO #1

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