Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Six-Gun Gorilla Review (Si Spurrier, Jeff Stokely)

The title and the concept are great: Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name character – as a GORILLA! With GUNS! Six Gun Gorilla!!

Oh, if only the comic lived up to that fun potential!

The book is instead a clumsy commentary on “war as entertainment” set in a generic futuristic dystopia. Writer Si Spurrier tosses in an unconvincing romance subplot and mixes in an unclear enemy on a distant planet where guns don’t work for some reason before finally introducing the Six Gun Gorilla (whose guns do work because… he’s a gorilla?).

At that point though, about 40/50 pages in, I was struggling to hold my attention. Spurrier just isn’t a very good writer. His Marvel NOW! X-Men: Legacy comic was awful, and his Titan limited series Numbercruncher was incoherent at best. As this book became less and less about the Gorilla and more about the dreary non-characters, I decided to drop it altogether, his previous comics work informing my decision.

The art’s not great and looks a bit too sketchy with the pencils, and the colours are washed out and drab.

I wanted to say that Six Gun Gorilla is an amazing sci-fi western but having read it, I can’t. It’s yet another crap Si Spurrier comic!

Six-Gun Gorilla

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