Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hellboy: Masks and Monsters Review (Mike Mignola, James Robinson)

Hellboy: Masks and Monsters is a reissue of two brief runs of comics Mike Mignola was involved with in the late `90s. The first teams Hellboy up with Batman and Starman in a mystery that begins in Gotham and takes them to the jungles of South America to fight off Nazis and a Lovecraftian horror. The second has Hellboy go up against the Ghost and a mysterious figure in a mask.

The first story is cool if only to see Hellboy and Batman fighting side by side but Batman feels ultimately under-used and is all too quickly taken away and replaced with the lesser-known character, Starman. For Mignola, it's a familiar story with Nazis up to no good, resurrecting some unholy terror to carry out some mad plan of Hitler's so we see Hellboy smash his way through the usual line up of baddies until dispatching the inevitable ghoulie at the end.

The second story has Ghost inadvertently sending herself and Hellboy to an alternative dimension. Mignola this time scripts it and hands over drawing duties to another artist. It's not a bad story but if you're unfamiliar with Ghost then her motives in this story will seem confusing and might be difficult to follow.

Masks and Monsters is an interesting reprint of some obscure comics Mignola did once upon time and a lot of new fans might find it enjoyable. Not the best book to start with if you're interested in discovering what Mike Mignola is all about but it has its moments.

Hellboy: Masks and Monsters

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