Monday, 15 September 2014

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 8: Goku or Ginyu!? Review (Akira Toriyama)

AT FREAKIN’ LAST! Ladies and gents, I give you: Son Goku! 

This volume opens with Vegeta, Kuririn and Son Gohan getting smacked about by Reacoom, one of the Ginyu Force, Freeza’s elite guard. And then just when they’re all beaten to within an inch of their lives, the Capsule spaceship touches down and out steps a newly levelled up Goku. And what an epic entrance it is. 

He’s become such a badass thanks to his heavy-g training on the way to Namek, he deals with most of the Ginyu Force without breaking a sweat. Then Akira Toriyama basically gives a massive fuck you to the reader with what happens during Goku’s fight against Captain Ginyu. It was so crazy, I had to laugh - well, that’s the payoff of all this waiting!

Freeza’s got all of the Dragon Balls but he doesn’t know how to activate them so he’s trying to bully the Great Elder into telling him, though if the Great Elder dies, then the Dragon Balls become useless anyway. Birruva catch 22 and quite a brilliant one too! The label “super-Saiyan” gets mentioned again as well, this time to Goku himself who also doesn’t know what that is. 

There isn’t all that much to say about volume 8 without going into spoilers and that’s no way to discover these surprises for yourself - read the books, they’re so good and honestly so much better than the TV show! This volume has fantastic writing and art from Toriyama as usual. Goku brings the awesomeness and then just as quickly Toriyama flips the whole scenario around. Filled with inspired storytelling, volume 8 has bundles of excitement and martial arts fun with a terrific cliffhanger - what more do you need in a comic?

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 8: Goku or Ginyu!?

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