Saturday, 6 September 2014

Greetings from Hellville Review (Thomas Ott)

Thomas Ott is a comics artist who draws dark, wordless horror stories in scratchboard style, the black and white cross-hatching adding to a moodier and more unnerving atmosphere. Though Greetings from Hellville is a very quick "read" and short, the stories themselves are haunting and memorable.

The stories feature a hitman on a mission whose terrible features are revealed on the last page; a white supremacist who faces his fateful end at the hands of southern voodoo; a surreal re-imagining of the Judeo-Christian creation story; and the tale of a man who cannot die. 

All of the stories are brilliant and while Greetings from Hellville is not Ott's best book (see Cinema Panopticum for that), it gives you a taste of his style and his enormous talent. Thomas Ott is a must read for those who enjoy darker, highly stylised comics.

Greetings from Hellville

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