Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine Review (Jonathan Maberry, Laurence Campbell)

This is a prequel to Punisher Vs The Marvel Universe where Frank Castle fought a number of Marvel superheroes who had become infected with a virus that turned them into soulless cannibalistic killers. 

We discover the origins of the plague, find out who started the ball rolling on the apocalypse, and see the team of scientists, made up of Reed Richards, Hank Pym and Hank McCoy, who are searching frantically for a cure. But they’re up against it when Hulk becomes one of the infected and only Wolverine can stop him… snickt! 

The book is mostly Wolverine hacking his way through familiar faces who have turned evil and it quickly gets repetitive. That said, in the Punisher book Hulk and Thor (two extremely powerful characters) were dismissed at the start with a few lines of explanation because there was no way Frank Castle could take either down. 

But in this book Hulk and Wolverine battle in a pretty good fight. Suffice it to say, the question “can Wolverine regrow severed limbs?” is answered. Also, Hulk takes a pretty heavy well-placed punch that made me wonder why Wolverine never did that in any of his previous encounters with the green giant (though maybe he has, I haven’t read all of Hulk’s comics!). 

Laurence Campbell’s artwork is very dark and, for me, wasn’t as good as Goran Parlov’s in the last book. Campbell favours too much black ink on the page which can make it difficult to discern what’s happening. 

This is a much shorter book than the previous one and doesn’t really add much to the existing story; it’s just too forgettable and pointless. What happened to Frank after the last book though is an interesting question, it’s a shame Jonathan Maberry didn’t write that book instead.

Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine

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