Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Inhuman #6 Review (Charles Soule, Ryan Stegman)

The Unspoken has deposed Medusa as ruler of New Attilan and locked the place down. Unable to get back in, Dante/Inferno leads the fight back with his fellow Nuhumans at his side. 

Underwhelming and forced would be the words to describe this issue. Underwhelming because the fight back is so quick and dull, and forced because we’re supposed to think it’s this big dramatic event, and it’s not. At all. 

Besides the title page explaining the series premise and the events thus far, there are a further three pages of exposition in the comic itself. Who’re they for exactly? Shouldn’t most readers know by now what’s happening? Or maybe this is just filler? 

Then we have the least interesting usurping of power scene ever. Inferno and co. manage to sneak back into New Attilan with ease, make their way to the throne room, again with ease, and take out the Unspoken - set up as this super-powerful Inhuman who can use terrigen crystals to gain any powers he want - as if he were a D-list villain (which I suppose he is now!). 

No tension whatsoever! But he’s been (hastily) set up as this powerful villain, as he was able to beat Medusa quite easily, and the first arc needs a tacked on “heroes vs villain” fight sequence to end it because this is a Marvel comic, so this is what we got: a bog standard, totally unexciting “action” scene. 

Ryan Stegman’s art is a lot better than the last couple issues, looking a lot less rushed, and I liked the designs for the Nuhumans. But, powers-wise, there’s little here most Marvel readers haven’t already seen before: fire and ice powers, psychic abilities, claws. It’s been done - come up with at least one original power, guys! 

Charles Soule’s writing on the most part is competent but he’s still unable to make Inferno and the others into compelling characters worth following. They sound like whiny cast-offs from Avengers Academy or some other teen superhero title. I’ve had a hard time giving a damn about them for six issues now and I’m no closer to liking or caring about them in any way shape or form. 

The very final page though? That’s who I wanted to read about in this series and that’s the story I want to see! Damn Soule for teasing me with that helluva sucker punch just as I’ve given up on the series! It’s still not enough to make this issue any good but it does signal that Inhuman is a series that looks set to improve in the second arc. 

Inhuman #6 is another weak, thrown-together issue that fails to engage the reader. I’m dropping this title from my pull list but I might come back for the trades - there’s potential here but not enough to make me keep coming back on a monthly basis. I know Marvel want this to become a franchise to rival X-Men so they can turn this into a series of movies but, based on this first arc, they’ve got a long way to go yet.

Inhuman #6

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