Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Inhuman #5 Review (Charles Soule, Ryan Stegman)

Single issue comics don’t take very long to read - that is unless you’re reading a bad one in which case it’ll draaaaag, like Inhuman #5 does. I read a few pages, realised the quality hadn’t improved since the last couple issues, and decided to go do other things. I came back and powered through to the end - and this is only a 20-odd page comic! 

Dante is getting to know Jason, one of the kids rescued from Orollan by Medusa. His tale is pretty sad - a black kid growing up in Minnesota, raised by adoptive white parents, he’s never really felt like he fit in anywhere and now he’s a NuHuman? Elsewhere, the Unspoken, the former king of Attilan, has returned with a wedding proposal for Queen Medusa. But is that all he’s after? 

Five issues into this series and there isn’t a character I’ve really latched onto yet. I know I’m supposed to be rooting for Dante/Inferno (the name itself just annoys me), but I don’t - he’s just some guy to me, still. Medusa is the next obvious character but she’s so distant and indifferent, it’s hard to give a crap for her or her plight in rebuilding the Inhuman city. 

There’s also no real story, besides collecting and getting to know the new Inhumans or NuHumans. So if the individual stories don’t grip you, you’ve got almost nothing to enjoy about this series. And I’m really not getting into the individual stories. Jason’s story just bored me. “Oh nobody gets me” - yup, just like every other teenager. 

Ryan Stegman’s art is ok but the feeling that he’s being rushed is only further underlined in this issue. On one of the double pages, the same panel is used three times with varying close ups and a slight variation on one of the character’s poses. Elsewhere, the art just looks scratchy and rough. I don’t remember his art on Spider-Man looking quite so thrown-together as this. 

Thank Thor an actual story emerges in the final pages of this issue - the Unspoken was a blessing to this title in disguise! - and now it actually feels like things are going to start happening. But I don’t think I’m going to keep up with this series past the next issue. I’ll close out the opening arc but after that I’ll be going with the trades - I’ve been burned too many times by Inferno on this weak title. Very disappointing, especially from a writer of the calibre as Charles Soule. 

Inhuman #5 is more of the same poor quality storytelling the last few issues have had.

Inhuman #5

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