Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 7: The Terrible Ginyu Special-Squad Review (Akira Toriyama)

Man, Akira Toriyama knows how to milk the suspense, doesn’t he? Son Goku STILL hasn’t arrived on Namek yet but his training has taken him to a new height - somewhere beyond anyone’s powers. Can’t wait to see him land and take on Freeza and co. 

So, meanwhile: everyone’s playing silly buggers with the Dragon Balls. Freeza’s got 5 then he doesn’t. Vegeta thinks he’s got 7 but he’s got 6. Then Kuririn and Gohan swap Dragon Balls. Then Freeza has all 7! And so on. The swapping and changing was fun for a while but I’m kinda wishing we could get past it now - we have had 3 books of this!

Vegeta awakens in Freeza’s infirmary, freshly healed from his wounds against Zarbon, only to take him on again in Round 2. And here’s the thing: the Saiyans get stronger after a fight they lose - they are literally the embodiment of the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”! - so Zarbon’s really in for it in this rematch! 

The reinforcements Freeza called for have arrived in the form of the Ginyu Force: five theatrically campy warriors who’re all supposedly the equal - even the better - of Vegeta! They’re essentially still more hurdles for Goku and co. to overcome before facing Freeza. The good news is Goku is on the brink of appearing on Namek and both Kuririn and Gohan levelled up thanks to the Grand Elder of Namek, so I think they’re gonna do alright against this bunch! 

I was surprised to see that in a supposedly “All Ages” book there was a very visual decapitation scene, but there we go. I guess kids these days are desensitized to that sorta thing? 

Even without Goku though, volume 7 has a lot of great stuff happening and you’ll find yourself unexpectedly rooting for Vegeta in some of the fights, despite his evilness! The enemy of my enemy and so on. 

The volume ends with Goku about to take the stage - hopefully now Toriyama won’t spend another book keeping him back to tease the readers still further!

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 7: The Terrible Ginyu Special-Squad

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