Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon by Jill Thompson Review

Jill Thompson’s Wonder Woman: The True Amazon is a retelling of Diana’s classic origin with the slight difference that teenage Diana is a brat. She’s the princess so she does what she wants, bitch! And then she learns the dire consequences of her irresponsibility, grows up and is set on the path towards the hero she will become.

It’s not a bad story but I didn’t love it. It’s written competently by Thompson and she gives Diana a grounded reason to be more caring and mindful of her actions rather than some vague notion that Amazon society is just better than everyone else’s so it’s up to her to spread that message of peace and love across the world. That said, I found the story a bit simplistic and flat because it was so predictable and one-dimensional. 

I loved Thompson’s painted artwork though – while she calls Diana’s home Themyscira, it really looks like its other name, Paradise Island, thanks to the lush, vivid colours and beautiful depictions of unspoiled nature. This is easily the best work of Thompson’s career – so gorgeous! 

The True Amazon is an ok retelling of the Wonder Woman origin but readers already familiar with it won’t be blown away by Thompson’s treatment of it, besides the art. I thought it was a decent read but I reckon girls around 12-14 will probably enjoy this one the most.

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