Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Sixth Gun, Volume 9: Boot Hill Review (Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt)

The apocalypse happened and the world ended. In the wake, all roads lead to Boot Hill where the evil witch Griselda seeks to remake the world in her image in the Devil’s Workshop while Becky, Drake and co. set out to stop her one last time.

So this is it: the final Sixth Gun book... and it was unfortunately underwhelming stuff. The last few books haven’t been very good and, honestly, I read this to just finish the series, not because I was excited to see how it would all end. Not that Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt did much to make me excited with this final book anyways!

Everyone gathers for one last hurrah on the side of this giant mountain to shoot at each other. It’s an uninspired and dull story with few surprises. We find out Drake’s true origins, which I don’t really ever remember being called into question so it was weird that there was so much emphasis on the reveal; the ending happens and then it’s over… meh. 

As always I really enjoyed Brian Hurtt’s artwork - the steamboat on the River Styx looked amazing and Boot Hill was suitably bleak. I’m glad the series closed out with him back on art duties like he was at the beginning - his artwork has definitely been one of the highlights of The Sixth Gun. 

Boot Hill is an ok but unmemorable ending with a largely predictable and uninteresting story. Mostly it feels like an overlong coda to a series that felt like it was done after the last book. I’d still recommend The Sixth Gun as it’s a title with more than a few great books but the ones towards the end are lacklustre with the story disappointingly petering out rather than building to a strong finale. I enjoyed the series for the most part but I’m also glad it’s over as it definitely feels like the creative team ran out of good ideas a while ago.

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