Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dead Pig Collector by Warren Ellis Review

Mister Sun is a hitman who also disposes of bodies. His latest assignment calls for him to kill someone and dispose of their body. That’s it. 

Huh!? I swear Warren Ellis used to be a good writer of prose, like in Crooked Little Vein, but his latest fiction has been absolutely shite. Dead Pig Collector is thin on content even for a short story. If you want to read 30-odd pages of a dude disposing of a human body in detail, this is for you! But, even as an Ellis fan, I thought this was unoriginal, uninteresting, uninspired, utterly terrible and pointless - don’t bother!


  1. I'm re-reading Planetary, 10 years after. I find it very weak. And Ellis very overestimated.

    1. Did you read the recent Wild Storm #1? Yeesh...