Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 4: Dark Truth Review (Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke)

Is it possible to sleep through a book with your eyes open? I think that’s what I did with this one! I read it so passively, I feel like I ghosted through the whole thing. The reason why is how utterly crappy the stories are in this one. 

So thanks to Lois Lane, everyone now knows Clark Kent is Superman. Which of course means the US government is rounding up Clark’s nearest and dearest to ask them such pressing questions as: how they felt about the reveal, what he was like in school, and whether they trust him or not. I mean, what?! How does this take up half the book!?

Suicide Squad show up to fight two of the most powerful superheroes in the DCU. Never mind how pointless their appearance was, what a ridiculously one-sided match that was! Even if Superman’s currently a bit depowered, Wonder Woman alone could beat these clowns single-handed! Can’t wait to read Justice League v Suicide Squad, that’s gonna be edge of the seat stuff if this is anything to go by…

Superman and Wonder Woman have relationship troubles over nothing, but then them getting together was contrived nonsense to begin with (DC just needed a Superman/ Wonder Woman series) so it’s fitting that things piffle out in a similar fashion. How dare Diana use her lasso of truth on his friends for information?? But she’s ok to use it on non-friends and it’s ok for him to beat the snot out of Parasite for information. This book is full of garbage writing.

The volume closes out with a story about Vandal Savage’s son Angelo wanting to be immortal like his creepy dad. It involves Firestorm, aliens with giant mouths shooting energy beams, Wonder Woman trapped in some kind of armour, and Parasite acting as a kind of bloodhound. Drivel. I’ve read recipes more compelling than this.

I’m actually feeling quite sleepy thinking about it all again. It’s like a sleeping pill in comics form! Anaemic on content, stunningly stupid stories, and thoroughly vapid, Superman/Wonder Woman, Volume 4… is… zzz…

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