Thursday, 16 February 2017

Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet Review (Bruce Canwell, Lee Weeks)

Dick Grayson has to play a game of hide and seek with Batman before he can be his sidekick, Robin - if Bats doesn’t find him before dawn, he wins! Also, gangsters and junk. 

Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet is so lame. Batman doesn’t call it hide and seek but that’s basically what it is - Robin has to elude him during the night to show he’s a competent, albeit unadvisedly brightly coloured, ninja. What a boring test! As a result my attention wandered a lot. Like Robin’s classic outfit - who thought this made any kind of sense: scaly green underpants, bare legs and pixie booties. Was he conceived as gay jailbait?!

Throw in some stereotypical gangsters doing stereotypical gangster shit while Batman and Robin do the usual Batman and Robin shit and you’ve got The Gauntlet. The story is so pointless and boring, I really had a hard time staying awake while reading it.

This hasn’t worked on me for years but I honestly believe if you jangled keys above my head I’d be more entertained than I was reading this crummy book.

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