Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Wild Storm #1 Review (Warren Ellis, Jon Davis-Hunt)

DC have had quite the overhaul this past year: Rebirth proved to be very commercially successful, they launched their new indie line, Young Animal, curated by Gerard Way, and even their revamped Hanna-Barbera titles have gotten some good notices. They’ve now turned their attention to reviving the Wildstorm imprint, hiring Warren Ellis to write the 24-issue headlining series.

While I’m pleased to see DC doing so many exciting things, as well as being a huge Warren Ellis fan, The Wild Storm #1 is disappointingly pants-tacular.

One shady group of tech people are out to get another group of shady tech people – that’s the story. It basically boils down to arrogant wankers blathering at each other interminably - who cares? It feels like a redux of Ellis’ crappy Global Frequency series. 

The two characters I recognised were Voodoo, who appears briefly, and Angie the Engineer from The Authority. Angie’s being oddly written now as a borderline crazy person while Clean Room artist Jon Davis-Hunt draws her like a cross between Nemesis the Warlock and the X-Men’s Danger - awful!

I suppose some of Ellis’ dialogue isn’t bad and is kinda snappy, and Davis-Hunt’s artwork is decent, but I wasn’t in the least bit interested in the dull characters or boring story. 

The Wild Storm #1 is a very bland and weak start to the line – I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve already decided not to follow this issue to issue and will wait for the trades, hoping they’ll read better collected than they seem to individually.

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