Saturday, 11 February 2017

James Bond: Eidolon Review (Warren Ellis, Jason Masters)

Vast amounts of dirty money is being laundered through MI5 at the same time MI6 - Bond’s division - has been disarmed. Eidolon has infiltrated the highest levels of British intelligence. Eidolon: another word for ghost… or spectre...

Warren Ellis and Jason Masters’ James Bond series gets better with their second book, Eidolon! 

The story features almost everything you’d expect from a Bond adventure: sex, guns, car chases, Q - though no fancy gadgets unfortunately. Ellis’ dialogue is as biting as ever: “You’re going to leave a loaded gun in a bin?”, “It’s America. I don’t have time to give it to a child or a mentally ill person, so I’m leaving it in a bin for them to find.”

Masters’ art looks superb throughout. The action is well choreographed and very brutally depicted - he shows you exactly what a licence to kill means! There are a number of wordless sequences too where he ably carries the narrative forward, showing off his strong visual storytelling skills. 

The villain isn’t particularly memorable and the story could be called fairly generic but mostly I found Eidolon to be a tightly plotted, entertaining and well-executed spy thriller that fans of the genre and this character will definitely enjoy.

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