Sunday, 26 February 2017

JSA Presents : Green Lantern Review (Tony Bedard, Steven T. Seagle)

JSA (Justice Society of America) Presents: Green Lantern is a collection of crummy comics nobody asked for featuring Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. His contrived weakness is wood (which is just as bad as the modern day Green Lantern’s contrived weakness: yellow) and his costume is silly. Domino mask? Pfft. Wanker. 

Green Lantern fights Solomon Grundy (crap DC proto-Hulk) a lot, as well as some Nazis because WW2, and finally Vandal Savage in a Thanksgiving Parade. Some guy who was once a friend or maybe an enemy Dials H for Hero and turns into a dumbass. Bah! 

The book is full of corny writing and bad art and my brain already knows to forget this garbage in the next few minutes. Maybe all seven fans of the Golden Age Green Lantern will enjoy this but that’s it.

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