Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Zatanna, Volume 1: The Mistress of Magic Review (Paul Dini, Stephane Roux)

World-famous stage magician and Justice League member Zatanna faces Brother Night, Fuseli the Nightmare, the ghost of her pop Zatara, and a demon lord from hell, Mammon, in The Mistress of Magic. Mage on!

I love Paul Dini but wasn’t impressed with this less than magical Zatanna book. Every issue is a villain of the week with Zatanna going up against whoever, “struggling” briefly before beating them with backwards-talking magic. It never feels like she’s really challenged and the stories play out too formulaically to be remotely engaging. Also, reading words backwards - how Zatanna casts her spells - is yllaer, yllaer gniyonna! 

Stephane Roux and Chad Hardin’s art is fine, as is Zatanna’s characterisation - Dini knows how to write her perfectly, probably because his wife is her real-world equivalent! - but the stories in The Mistress of Magic failed to entertain. Very rote and unremarkable comics - gnitnioppasid ffuts, luaP iniD!

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