Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Deadpool, Volume 7: Space Oddity Review (Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi)

After Deadpool encounters Macho Gomez, supposedly the galaxy’s greatest mercenary, he blasts off into space to prove to the universe there’s no-one more badass at merc-ing than him. How? By marrying a space hippo and picking a fight with a drug-addicted moon of course! 

Alriiiiight, we’re back to quality with Deadpool, Volume 7: Space Oddity! Turns out the shot in the arm the series needed was to send Wade into spaaaace! 

The Macho Gomez issue was full of fun violence with Wade inventively beating him and stealing his cosmic car. I also really liked the villain of this story, Id the Selfish Moon (like Ego the Living Planet - geddit, Ego, Id? Psychology puns! See, it’s not all fart jokes with Deadpool - just mostly!). 

The whole story is wonderfully batty and over-the-top. I’ve no idea why Wade had to marry a space hippo but it was funny so maybe that’s why (thankfully we’re spared visuals from their wedding night)! And, as if to underline the brainlessness of it all, Daniel Way lifts a major plot-point from Michael Bay’s Armageddon! 

For no reason (beef up the page count?) there’s a random one-shot included where Deadpool’s hired to clear out the tenants of an apartment building only to discover one of them is The Wrecker - and the job isn’t as straightforward as he thought anyway. It’s not a bad issue but it feels tonally out of place alongside the space adventure and doesn’t compare well against its imaginative storytelling. 

The book’s also filled with amazing interior art from a number of talented artists like Sheldon Vella, Carlo Barberi and Bong Dazo, not to mention Dave “The Reverend” Johnson’s fantastic covers. 

Space Oddity really makes the grade (Major Tom) - enormously enjoyable wacky entertainment any Deadpool fan will get a kick out of!

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