Sunday, 20 November 2016

Deadpool, Volume 6: I Rule, You Suck Review (Daniel Way, Carlo Barberi)

Deadpool, Volume 6: I Rule, You Suck is an improvement over the last book, thankfully, but it’s still not up to the high quality of the earlier books of Daniel Way’s run. 

This volume has two stories. The first sees Deadpool join the Secret Avengers - Cap, Black Widow and Moon Knight - as they go to bat against Doctor Bong (who literally has a bell for a head with a face painted on - superhero comics!) and his army of clones. What’s he up to - nefarious supervillainy shit? Alright! I liked Carlo Barberi’s artwork and not much else about this one - just felt like a pointless story that wasn’t very interesting. 

The second story is better: Deadpool vs Vampires (or Draculas as he calls each vampire)! There are different vampire factions and the more traditional kind hire him to help them fight back against the ones who weirdly dress like mummies and can operate in daylight. 

Bong Dazo’s art is decent (what is it about Deadpool and bongs? Actually I think I know...) and there are some fun scenes throughout like the Twilight parody and Wade creatively dispatching Draculas left and right. Still not the most gripping read and it feels like Deadpool stepping into the middle of a larger story happening elsewhere in the Marvel Universe, but it’s entertaining enough. 

Daniel Way’s sixth Deadpool book doesn’t totally suck but I’m wunnering at this point if I’ve seen the best the series has to offer?

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