Saturday, 19 November 2016

Hellboy in Hell, Volume 2: The Death Card by Mike Mignola Review

What the demon doo-doo happened to Hellboy? It used to be a killer series and slapping him in Hell to fight the Devil and shit should be a slam dunk, right? And yet it sucked. Ah, nertz. 

So even though he’s dead Hellboy’s gone from putzing around Earth to putzing around Hell, fighting old characters from his past like the Vampire of Prague and his Mexican vampire wife for no reason - rack up the page count I guess? After Hellboy’s done punching them, some vague nonsense happens and it’s over. Bah! 

There’s a decent little story called The Exorcist of Vorsk, I liked the architecture of Hell with its old timey buildings and it’s always a pleasure seeing Mike Mignola draw his signature creation with Dave Stewart’s colours, but what a way to close out Hellboy with this unmemorable slop! 

Given what Hellboy accomplishes in his final book, Hellboy in Hell, Volume 2: The Death Card is surprisingly boring with its rambling, unimpressive story - gird yourselves good for disappointment with this one, Hellboy fans!

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