Friday, 18 November 2016

True Stories, Volume 1 by Derf Backderf Review

True Stories is a slice-of-life four-panel strip that ran in Derf Backderf’s comic The City. This first volume collects the strips from 2002 to 2008, and it’s really funny! 

We get to see all the oddballs that occupy middle America: the rednecks and rightwingers, random crazy people on the street, the fat and the stupid, well-off self-serving dickheads and a weird guy at the Post Office who repeats “Pressure” (he’s on the cover)! 

Most of the strips are amusing and entertaining. There’s a dude in a library crying at a public computer because his buttcrack hurts(!) and another one who orders a pizza then puts it on top of his baby carrier - with his baby in the carrier! And Derf’s exaggeratedly grotesque art style is well-suited to depicting the characters in these pages. 

Some of the strips do feel mean-spirited and repetitive at times - several are just pointing and laughing at morbidly obese Americans - but True Stories Volume 1 is still a great little collection of comics that fans of Derf Backderf will definitely enjoy.

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