Friday, 25 November 2016

Batman Vs. The Undead Review (Kevin VanHook, Tom Mandrake)

As if there weren’t enough terrible Batman comics out there already, here comes one more: Batman Vs The Undead! 

The psychiatrists at Arkham Asylum - a place that exists to conveniently release villains for Batman to fight when he needs a story - have conveniently let out a madman called Professor Combs because Batman needs someone to fight in this story. Combs has gone to New Orleans to raise an army of the undead and try to take over the world like an obviously sane person does - Batman follows. 

Let’s throw in a vampire, a werewolf, voodoo magic, Superman, and Doctor Fate while we’re at it for a gumbo of incoherent swill that is this book! Kevin VanHook’s script is complete and utter garbage, the story is half-baked at best and Tom Mandrake’s art is scratchy and outdated. There are boring, stupid and forgettable Batman comics and there’s Batman Vs The Undead, a book that is as rotten as the corpses appearing between its covers!

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