Sunday, 6 November 2016

Superman: The Final Days of Superman Review (Peter J. Tomasi, Mikel Janin)

After one too many cosmic shenanigans, Superman discovers he’s DYING. Oh no! Again…? Then he finds out there’s another Superman out there WHO’S ON FIRE and attacking people! There’s also ANOTHER Superman living in Salinas, California with his own Lois AND they have a kid together! … Go home, DC, you’re drunk! 

The Final Days of Superman waves goodbye to New 52 Superman in an overlong farewell tour while unfortunately forgetting to tell a story too! I’m sorry but at this point I’ve seen Superman die too many times to get misty-eyed over his latest “death”, and New 52 Superman really wasn’t my favourite version of the character either. 

Ok, some of the cheap sentiment worked on me a little… but only a little! 

Besides Superman saying goodbye to his nearest and dearest (and Batman), the story of Superman fighting the other two Supermen didn’t grab me at all. Super Saiyan Superman was a one-dimensional nitwit (Duuuh, I’ma destroy stuff!) and the black-suited Californian Superman was plain baffling - where the hell did he come from?! He’s got a family too!?! I am so in the weeds with David Pumpkins Superman these days… 

The art in general is ok but nothing spectacular and there’s some foreshadowing of the Rebirth Chinese Superman with the Chinese Justice League chapter but The Final Days of Superman is really way too long for so little substantial content. Though perhaps it’s appropriate for this lacklustre version of the character to go out in this unmemorable way?

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