Friday, 11 November 2016

Deadpool, Volume 3: X Marks the Spot Review (Daniel Way, Paco Medina)

After literally blowing his brains out from boredom, Deadpool decides to spend his vast wealth on living out his fantasies - it’s a pirate’s life for Wade! And what good is money without friends? To the West Coast, to visit his old buds the X-Men on Utopia! 

Though Daniel Way’s Deadpool run has so far been great, X Marks the Spot is just a so-so Deadpool book. The two-issue pirate story is quite forgettable and throwaway and Shawn Crystal’s art is plain awful. Thankfully Paco Medina returns to draw the rest of the book and Way ups his game a bit too. 

Norman Osborn, Director of HAMMER, tries to subtly make the X-Men look bad on the political stage and Deadpool, surprisingly cleverly, concocts a plan to checkmate Norman and restore the X-Men’s image, all behind the scenes, even without Cyclops realising what’s happening. 

It’s an unusual story in that Deadpool proves he’s not the total dummy he tends to be so props to Way for showing that aspect of his character. And even if he claims to want to be one of them, Deadpool’s better than the X-Men any day of the week - they should be clamouring to have him on their side, not the other way around! 

X Marks the Spot doesn’t quite hit the spot but it’s still got fun moments and the second story is worth a read.

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