Monday, 21 November 2016

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Volume 1 Review (Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli)

Thanks to Secret Wars the Ultimates universe was blowed up along with almost everyone in it - except for Ultimate Spider-Man/Miles Morales who is now just Spider-Man. Sharing New York City with Peter Parker/Spider-Man. That’s not confusing. And why the hell are so many superheroes in New York City anyway? You’d have to be a moron to consider being a supervillain or even just an ordinary criminal there! Go to Wolverhampton or something, ain’t no Spider-People across the pond! 

So once again Brian Michael Bendis has written a book and forgotten to include a story. Witness Miles juggling being a superhero with school, aka the Spider-Man boilerplate, before his granny is brought in to up his grades. His grandmother. And this is interesting to who??

Miles battles a contrivance called Blackheart who’s transparently there to be beaten by Miles to show the audience how capable he is, before he fights Black Cat and Hammerhead for vague reasons. But don’t worry, none of this shit is going to carry over, this is just background stuff while Miles’ gran gives him the business! 

It was amusing to see Goldballs rock up to Miles’ school. He’s a mutant who can make volley ball-sized golden balls appear from his skin - I know, he’s a thing! I like Goldballs because he’s such a silly character whose bizarreness is appealing for its inscrutability. It’s like a callback to Silver Age Marvel when characters like him abounded. 

Goldballs and Sara Pichelli’s art were the only bright spots in an otherwise dull and unmemorable debut for Miles Morales. I know he’s Bendis’ character but he’s been writing him for 5 years now and all this sub-par book shows is that he’s clearly run out of things to write about. Maybe it’s time for Bendis to hand Miles over to someone else now?

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