Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ultimate Hulk Vs Iron Man: Ultimate Human Review (Warren Ellis, Cary Nord)

Iron Man fights Hulk after a failed experiment to infect Banner’s blood with nanotech to control the Hulk genes. But the fight is cut short as another failed experiment, the Leader (dude with a big head), tries to take the blood of both Iron Man and Hulk! 

Warren Ellis’ Marvel work is very hit and miss and unfortunately Ultimate Human is one of his lesser books. This short four issue book is really a bridge between Mark Millar's first two Ultimates volumes where in Volume 1 Hulk goes on a rampage in Manhattan killing 300 people and Volume 2 where he’s imprisoned, facing trial and a death sentence (by the by, Millar’s Ultimates run is well worth checking out if you haven’t read it). 

There’s also not as much Hulk/Iron Man in the book as I’d like. A whole issue (25% of the book) is devoted to the Leader’s origin which was reallllly boring. Then the book comes to a swift and unsatisfying conclusion - basically the old Bond villain nonsense. 

The artwork in the book is quite poor. Looking at it feels like I'm looking at the pages through a window with water pouring down it; it's very unpleasant to see page after page of. 

While I usually love Warren Ellis’ work, this is definitely one of his weaker efforts. If you're looking for a better Ellis/Marvel book I suggest Ultimate Iron Man: Armor Wars or the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy instead.

Ultimate Hulk Vs Iron Man: Ultimate Human

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