Sunday, 12 October 2014

Future's End #0 Review (Brian Azzarello, Jesus Merino)

It’s taken them long enough but DC finally saw Days of Future Past and decided “yoink - we’ll take that!” and came up with their own dystopian future superhero comic: Future’s End. But DC’s, ahem, “original” thinking didn’t stop there. After the 80s they stopped in the 90s to nab the awesome Star Trek villains, the Borg, to stuff into their series as their baddies. So that’s the series: 35 years in the future, all of the superheroes have been assimilated into Brother Eye’s robot toy collection just because. 

The only one who can do anything is of course Batman but Bruce is old and events conspire to send Terry McGinnis, aka Batman Beyond, from the future back to the past, to stop Brother Eye from being created. Yeah, Batman has a time machine - because he’s Batman!! 

Future’s End #0 is hot, loud trash - but it does hold the attention, purely because of the surprises it’s constantly hurling at the reader. Here’s Frankenstein - with Black Canary’s FACE STITCHED TO HIS TORSO!! And for some reason her powers still work?! Here’s spider Borg Superman! And maybe the biggest surprise of all - Flash has an awful-looking old man BEARD! 

I wonder though if any of what we see in this issue means anything because Terry travels back in time before any of these things comes to pass. That’s what I mean by loud and trashy, it’s an issue that desperately wants the reader to care what’s happening through overloading each page with bizarre action and characters. 

Future’s End #0 is a cascade of strange imagery with barely any story but it’s oddly interesting for that alone. And if there’s one character I’d love to read more about, it’s Batman Beyond, so I’m interested in this series if only to read more of Terry’s adventures. It’s an ok primer for the series but even by superhero comics standards it feels a bit much.

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