Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sex Criminals #8 Review (Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky)

Jon’s gone a bit manic since he decided to go off his meds and Suzie’s not having it - he has to take care of himself because she’s his girlfriend, not his minder. They decide to take a break and that’s when they meet a mutual acquaintance: Robert Rainbow. 

Sex Crimz #8 reads a bit like a health pamphlet at times rather than the sex comedy comic it normally is. Rainbow is Suzie’s OBGYN and he’s a hottie so while he’s examining/telling her about the various forms of contraceptive on the market, she’s imagining him doing a sexy striptease at the same time. 

Later on, Jon chances across a wise therapist in the strangest food court ever (“Salad Cakes - Have your cake and eat salad too!” and “Saus-Ade”) who tells him the secret to good mental health: aerobic exercise and socialising. 

All good to know, by the by, but still not terribly exciting to read in a comic. 

Rainbow relates his secret origin of being Jon’s childhood buddy when he chanced across his parents doing some S&M stuff, instantly altering his worldview. That stuff’s fine (whatever floats your boat) but why the hell were the parents doing that without locking their door? And why do it in the early evening when your two kids are still walking about the house? Hmm. Talk about setting yourself up for some awkwardness! 

Sex Criminals is more of a character-driven story than plot so it’s always surprising to see it when it rears its head like it does at the end of the issue. And while I usually like Suzie and Jon’s weirdness, I haven’t been feeling it in this second arc. The humour isn’t very funny (Suzie’s former OBGYN was called Dr Awfulstein - really? And “Shit on a dick”? C’mon Fraction, you were doing that dialogue way back in your Mantooth days - grow!) but I guess the new character’s not bad and having a more varied cast makes for more opportunities later on. 

Fraction/Zdarsky are doing a bit of pedestal talking in this issue, edumacating women who don’t already know about birth control while informing anyone with depression issues how to feel better. That’s worthwhile, and some of the other stuff in this issue is fun too, but it still doesn’t make Sex Criminals #8 a patch on the earlier issues in the series.

Sex Criminals #8

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