Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins Review

A hairless man called Dave lives in a place called Here
A place that’s safe, neat, tidy with nothing for anyone to fear
But something uneasy lurks beneath the quiet and calm:
A single tiny hair on Dave’s face that becomes a gigantic beard - and causes much harm!

The beard can’t be cut, it grows back far too quick
Becoming larger than Dave, much bushier and thick
It becomes enormous and engulfs the town, much to the Government’s displeasure 
So a solution is decided, for desperate times call for desperate measures

Stephen Collins’ comic reads a lot like a Roald Dahl tale or modern day fable
Whose message is very obviously displeased with 21st century society’s staples
Of conformity and uniformity, an alleged dearth of creativity
That manifests very pleasingly in this book with excessive beardity

Because modern life’s no fun
At least not for some
Who want something different
From the everyday humdrum

Collins’ pencil art style is ambitious and charming
While the book itself is written with delightful rhyming
And at times it reads like a Pixar short
(Which is certainly a complimentary note!) 

Because it’s a dark and unusual, original book
That any fan of graphic literature can’t fail to be hooked
With its unique imagery, style and tone
When Collins created it, he must’ve been in the zone! 

And though it’s a hefty volume in page count and size
The narrative is enthralling and sure to mesmerize
For, despite its themes and critiques that, on the page, are quite clear
You can also read it as a simple fun comic – about a GIGANTIC BEARD!

The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil

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