Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ms Marvel #9 Review (G Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona)

I’m starting to view Medusa of the Inhumans as Marvel’s version of Hawkman – whenever she shows up, the comic takes a downwards turn! 

In Ms Marvel #9, Kamala is battling a giant robot who’s attacked her school. Then she’s transported by Lockjaw to New Attilan where she discovers that she’s an Inhuman (or Nuhuman)! But Kamala’s home is New Jersey, not New Attilan, and she breaks out to take down the Inventor herself, with Lockjaw in tow. 

I suppose if you’re unfamiliar with the Inhumans, this issue does a decent job of informing you about them, from what an Inhuman is, what New Attilan is and why it’s floating in the middle of the Hudson, and who Medusa is. Though if you already know this stuff, like me, it’s a bit of a yawner to re-read. And, while I realise some readers like Medusa, she seems a bit too one-dimensional and uninteresting for my liking. 

Nothing terribly amazing happens in this issue – Kamala beats the robot, like we’ve seen her do before, there’s an Inhuman interlude, and then we’re back into the Inventor storyline with a weird twist on the final page. Normally I’m more enthusiastic about the series but this issue is the first where I’ve read it and not felt anything much about it. It’s G Willow Wilson hitting the same notes as if ticking off boxes – family trouble, Inventor, superhero stuff, boy, done. 

Kamala’s integration into the current Marvel Universe continues successfully though she still retains her individuality within it. She’s had encounters with Wolverine and the Inhumans but she’s held her own in fights rather than lean on them, and she has her own mission and goals separate to everyone else. Take Lockjaw, who could take out the Inventor himself if he wanted, who’s allowed to be a sidekick only, ceding the spotlight to Kamala because it’s her comic. And I really love that. Plus, Lockjaw’s always adorable!

Ms Marvel #9 is an ok issue, it’s just not as spectacular as the others have been. An unusual dip in quality.

Ms Marvel #9

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