Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Manifest Destiny #11 Review (Chris Dingess, Matthew Roberts)

The interminably static storyline of the Lewis & Clark expedition stranded in the midst of a river is finally resolved in this issue! After failing repeatedly to shoot the underwater-dwelling ranidea, a giant five-tongued frog creature, Lewis cracks upon the fine idea of harpooning it and using its strength to get them free of the underwater arch.

The second arc of Manifest Destiny, like the second season of The Walking Dead show, has been more or less set in one location with an uninteresting storyline stretched for far too long. And the solution to their two problems – the arch and the monster – seemed obvious, especially as nobody seemed to be addressing the issue of breaking free of the arch.

Anyway. Lewis and Clark come up with a satisfying solution to both baiting the ranidea and punishing Hardy, one of their men who attempted to rape one of the female survivors of La Charrette. Also, Lewis, the scientific one in the partnership, cuts loose and embraces his action hero side, unleashing the frustration of the past five issues into the monster that’s caused them so much trouble.

The best thing about the issue though is that this storyline seems to have wrapped up and the group are now moving on to (hopefully) a much better adventure. Manifest Destiny #11 is enjoyable in part and, like all of the comics in the series, it’s a gorgeously illustrated issue, but it’s not as good and a lot slower than many of the earlier issues.

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