Friday, 17 October 2014

Ultimate Comics Iron Man: Armor Wars Review (Warren Ellis, Steve Kurth)

The world has been devastated by war and economic collapse and poor Tony Stark is down to his last $100 million! Going back to his ruined New York offices, he sees a thief wearing part of an Iron Man armor break into his offices and disappear! Then a mysterious girl also wearing Iron Man armor shows up to help catch the thief. Suddenly the race is on for Stark to stop his armor from falling into the wrong hands! 

As you might tell from the title, Armor Wars has a lotta guys wearing Iron Man suits, all in different colours and slightly modified in design. They all look really cool though with so many robot-like characters flying around blasting one another, the comic looks a lot more manga than Marvel. I really loved the art though, so full credit to artist Steve Kurth for doing a fantastic job. 

Warren Ellis writes the best Tony Stark ever. If you're as big a fan of Ellis as I am you'll notice that Stark speaks like a few of Ellis' characters like Spider Jerusalem or Midnighter - that is to say filthy, drunken and articulate – and I love that. It’s the only way to write Tony Stark. 

Ultimate Armor Wars has a great script, even better artwork, and lotsa Iron Man action - it’s a great Iron Man comic, and those are few and far between! Though it’s disappointing that it’s only four issues long as it’s over a bit too soon for my liking. Along with this and Iron Man: Extremis, it seems that if you want the best Iron Man books, look for the ones with Warren Ellis’ name on the cover!

Ultimate Comics Iron Man: Armor Wars

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