Monday, 15 August 2016

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Volume 3 Review (Adam Beechen, Carla Speed McNeil)

The theme of this collection of Wonder Woman short stories is essentially peace and unity. And it starts well with Diana, as a UN ambassador, trying to broker peace between two warring African factions. Except Ares, the literal God of War, appears and Diana fights and defeats him, showing how useful and unavoidable conflict can sometimes be. 

And then both sides agree that violence is wrong! Wha…?! That’s like punching someone in the face and then lecturing them that you shouldn’t punch people in the face! 

I quite liked the first Sensation Comics book but there’s not a single story here that’s worth reading. It’s all stupid, generic, instantly forgettable tripe from page one to page whatever. 

Diana and Poison Ivy fight some monster, Diana fights Solomon Grundy, Diana fights Cheetah - excited yet? But wait there’s unfortunately more! There’s an extra-long story of Diana fighting Superwoman from Earth-3 while a trio of insufferable idiots hang about taking selfies. 

I suppose the title is right: these comics do give you sensations but they’re not positive ones - with this volume, you’ll feel boredom and repulsion in equal measure! A decidedly wonder-less read all the way through.

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