Friday, 26 August 2016

Deadpool: Too Soon? #1 Review (Joshua Corin, Todd Nauck)

The bad news is the Unbearable Squirrel Girl and Howard the Fuck are in this comic. The good news is that this is a Marvel version of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None so there’s a possibility we might get to see them killed! 

Along with Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck, someone is blackmailing Forbush Man, Peter Porker the Spider-Ham, The Punisher, Ant-Man, Rocket and Groot, and, of course, Deadpool and his wife Shiklah. As the group arrives at the mysteriously empty mansion in the middle of nowhere, they realise this is a set-up - and then one of them is murdered! Whodunit? 

I really like the concept behind this one as And Then There Were None is my favourite Agatha Christie novel and this first issue is a strong start to what could be an awesome story - Deadpool’s last Infinite Comic, Dracula’s Gauntlet, was my favourite Deadpool book so hopefully this one is good too. And it’s always great to see Spider-Ham! Poo poo pants to Squirrel Girl and Howard though so not quite full marks for this one ish. 

The game is afoot, my dear Wade…

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