Sunday, 7 August 2016

Harley Quinn & The Suicide Squad Special Edition #1 Review (Rob Williams, Jim Lee)

A mysterious figure suggests Harley become a supervillain therapist and, because there’s no story otherwise, she sets out to do exactly that! But who is this person and are they setting her up for something more sinister…? 

This special edition comic is part of DC’s big publicity campaign to make people aware of the Suicide Squad movie opening this weekend as well as advertise their new Suicide Squad fortnightly comic… except it’s not very good. Welp, it’s free so you get what you pay for! 

Rob Williams’ story just isn’t very interesting. D-listers come in to talk and Harley sits around pretending to be a therapist, some dumb action involving Man-Bat (ugh) and the Justice League gets arbitrarily thrown in, and then it’s over. It’s basically just table-setting for the new Suicide Squad series that fails to make a case for Harley’s inclusion in the team besides her being hot and really popular (hence why her name’s in the title before Suicide Squad). 

The Jim Lee art is the big draw (yukyuk) here, and it looks pretty good. But if you know anything about Jim Lee it’s that he’s not the fastest draftsman so if you’re thinking he’s gonna stick to this twice-monthly schedule, think again! Jim Lee’s also not a very good designer and his terrible new Deadshot outfit makes him look like Cyborg! 

Sean Galloway draws the other half of the issue because ever since Jimmy Palmiotti/Amanda Conner’s Harley series began, whenever Harley gets a bump on the noggin or goes into a psychosis/hallucination/dream/whatever, the artist has to change. Galloway’s art is very chibi/manga-influenced which is a sharp contrast to Lee’s ‘roided-out style but wasn’t very exciting to look at and matched the boring script. 

Maybe Williams/Lee’s Rebirth: Suicide Squad series will be fun but based on this issue it’s definitely convinced me to trade-wait it over picking up the individual comics. 

If you want to read this comic it’s free over at Comixology:

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